Uploading a dashboard

The annotated svg file is

To see the status of your dashboard you have to upload the original sourcefile again. The system recognizes it and redirects you to the status page. Every other attempt to access the status page will end with a "403-Forbidden" message or in a status page with no information on it.

Expected Content

We expect that your SVG file has the following properties:

  • It is a valid XML file
  • It does not exceed a certain size (500 kB at the moment).

Privacy & Security

Security is in the field of dashboarding a sensitive topic. To protect your data we are generating a unique dashboard-id every time you upload a new template. This id is not published anywhere. You are the only who knows this id - so it is completely up to you with whom you share your dashboard. Furthermore - The original dashboard template file acts like a key to the statuspage of the dashboard where you can alter settings.

We are stripping out every client information from the generated dashboards which reside in the title or in the description field. So you can share your dashboard with whomever you want - nobody will know where this data comes from.