If you decide to buy a dashboard then you are paying us to render this service for you. Our servers need power, sufficient network bandwidth and traffic, operatingsystem and application updates and sometimes love from our administrators to run properly.

Depending on the inner workings of your dashboard the effort to provide dashboards may be high or low for us - and this is why every dashboard has it's unique price tag. In general you have two options to influence the price:

  • Actuality: Which means how often you want to have the newest data in your dashboard. You can choose a value between 10 seconds and 10 minutes. If you chose for example 5 minutes, then the dashboard will be filled with the most current values every 5 minutes. If the datapoints are changing more frequently then these values are stored in the database, but not processed till the next 5 minute interval begins. The longer the actuality the cheaper the dashboard.

  • Lifetime: defines how long we are hosting you dashboard. In the normal purchase process you can choose any value between one and 35 days. The shorter the period, the cheaper the dashboard.

Whatever settings you choose - the possibilities within our service are always the same.

Payment methods

Currently we are offering two payment methods:

  1. Paypal - Which is an online payment provider. The prices are always given in Euro, but within paypal you can pay in your own currency. We are taking the coversion and transaction fees. In some countries PayPal is not allowed or somehow restricted. This is not our fault. However: If it works the you will get a reciept from us and also a payment confirmation from PayPal.

  2. Coupons - If you have a coupon (bytebang e.U. is selling them, and sometimes they give them out for free - i.e. for promotional purposes) then you can also use this coupon as valid payment method for your dashboard. The main difference to Paypal is that you get no reciept for redeeming a coupon (You will get a notification, but this is by law not a reciept).


Country Private Company
Austria 0% 0%
European Union VAT via MOSS VAT via MOSS
Other country 0% (reverse charge) 0% (reverse charge)

Tax calculation is (thanks to our government) a little bit complicated.

  • Since bytebang e.U. has a special state regarding to VAT within Austria we are not allowed to charge any VAT to private or company customers.
  • Within the european union we are charging the VAT of your country. The tax is then transferred via the EU MOSS service.
  • Outside the EU we are charging no VAT - but you are responsible to do the correct taxes in your country (Reverse charge)

In general we are dividing our customers into two groups:

Private customers

The name on the reciept will be the shipping name of your PayPal account.

Due to VAT regulations we are forced to check if the country of usage matches the PayPal shipping country. This verification done after you went through the checkout process. If the country which is stored in you your PayPal shipping information does not match the country that you have selected in the paywall then we will not accept the order and the dashboard will not work.

Company customers

In general companies want their company names to be printed on the reciept. This is only possible if the company verifies that it is really an existing company. So if you want to have your company name and company adress details printed on your reciept then you have to enter them in the tab Business. Depending the country you live in we are offering two mechanisms to prove that the data you have entered is correct:

  • Within the european union we are validating your information against the information which is registered with your VAT number. This process happens fully automated as soon as you click the button verify below the VAT number field. We will use the address of the VIES VAT system for billing.

  • Outside of the european union there is no automatic service which enables us to verify your information immediately. So please upload an official *.pdf document that contains the name and full address of your company (like an governmental entrepreneur certificate). This will be reviewed within 24 hours and then registered as valid or void within our system. During the verification phase you will not be able to buy the dashboard. If you come back 24 hours later an upload the exact same document again then it will be either accepted or declined by our staff.

However: If the entered information is correct small check marks are appearing beside your entered information. Otherwise small exclamation marks are appearing and you can not proceed.

Auto renewal

Currently there is no such mechanism like an auto renewal of dashboards which automatically places a new order as soon as the dashboard is about to enter the end of its lifetime. If the lifetime of the dashboard is over, then it is over. It is your duty to buy a new subscription to keep your dashboard up and running.

Special services

If you really need a dashboard which runs longer than 30 days or if you need to buy 500 coupons which can be reselled by you then please contact us via the contact form at the main page. We are prepared to handle such requests, but not via the automated web billing system. This is also true if you want to have a whitelabeled in-house solution.