Welcome to the official documentation for simpledashboard.io

This documentation covers the most important topics about this service and it should help you do understand the way how it works. The User Guide is splitted up in the 5 essential steps which are needed to deploy a dashboard with this service.

  1. The Design section shows which tools are needed to build nice dashboards
  2. The Upload explains how to upload your dashboard, and what happens with it.
  3. The Preview chapter explains how to validate your dashboard and also how to debug it.
  4. The Buy section outlines the sales process and also the possible payment methods.
  5. The Embed page shows how to embed the dashboard on your homepage.

If you already know the general process then you may be interested in Tips & Tricks how to build nice dashboards. These are contained in the Recipies section. Here we are showing you how to solve common tasks.

If you still have not found what you are looking for feel free to use our Gitter based Support Chat where you can get help from the community around simpledashboard.io.